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Hoodoo Your Love: Love (and LUST!) Spells From Around the World

When you ask for your lover for tea, are they apt to give you coffee instead? Seem to misplace your socks more often than common, or found yourself "loveless" since the last one "disappeared"?

This workshop will cover a wide-range of the symbolism, techniques, and entities called upon in love and sex magick around the world, most of which are still used today (yes, even by your neighbors). From crossroads conjure in the American South to Brazilian rites of macumba, we'll take a look at how ancient and present-day peoples invoke both the supernatural and the seemingly mundane to help fulfill the desires of their hearts and loins.

Afterwards, we'll look at a wide range of practical folk magick spells and techniques that anyone can use to invite romance and sex into their lives or to heat up an existing affair. 

From Santería to Santa Muerte, we've got you covered.

$10-$20 Sliding Scale.

Khi Armand is a shaman and hoodoo rootdoctor based in Brooklyn, NY. Proprietor of, he blogs at and has a thing for fine brie.

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