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Imbolc: Invoking the Thaw

"The frost trembles for its life at the feast of Bride...."

At Winter Solstice, the days begin to grow longer but as Imbolc approaches, we begin to see them shine. Imbolc marks the midpoint between the beginnings of Winter and Spring. The days are noticeably longer now and while the winter winds are still bitter, we know their days are numbered. It's almost time for the thaw.

Imbolc is the feast of Brigid--the Goddess of the Springtime as well as healing, empowering, and battle. Join us for a ritual and celebration in which we tap into the Spirit of the early spring Thaw. We will invoke the power of the Springtime Brigid to awaken us from January blahs and hibernation, the Well Brigid to heal personal or collective injuries, the Forge Brigid for empowerment and the Warrior Brigid to strengthen us for the battles we face within our communities or ourselves. 

What to bring:
* Personal items for healing and/or empowerment as described above.
* Food/drink to share ***as well as your own plate, cup, and utensils! No disposables!***
* Suggested $10 donation if you are able. As always, no money, no problem.
* We are also continuing to collect new socks and underwear for the Ali Forney Center. 

Please arrive by 6:45. We start at 7:00 p.m., sharp! Once we begin, we cannot admit latecomers so if you arrive after we've begun, go grab a coffee and join us afterward for Fellowship!