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Vitki Arts Presents: Techniques of Magick III

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Techniques of Magick is a series of interconnected workshops that will allow participants to dive into the actual practice of Hermetic Magick. While this course will offer enough theory for the basic apprehension of the “why’s” of technique, it will lean heavily on learning by hands-on experience.

Utilizing the rich framework of contemporary Western Hermeticism as our paradigm, and focusing on self-development as our aim, we will explore how to apply ritual to make positive changes in ourselves and the world around us.

This course is for anyone interested in beginning a ritual path in Hermeticism, or interested in adding powerful, time-tested tools to their ritual practice.

We will meet over the course of 6 consecutive Saturdays at Catland at 2pm. Attendees will be expected to participate and contribute in class as well as do the occasional homework assignment. Participants are also expected to keep a journal during the course and are encouraged to share developments or conundrums in their practice as they arise.

Because of the hands-on nature of this course, space is limited. Admission covers the entire course: $140. before March 2nd Early Bird.
$200. General.


March 7th- Intro, Daily Magical Practice, Daily Divination

March 14th- Banishing, Space Clearing, Psychic Self-Defense

March 21st- Theory of Initiation; Purification and Consecration of Magical Objects utilizing the Neophyte Formula

March 28th- Magical Tools, Magical Weapons

April 4th- The Practice of Invocation

April 11th- Development of the Body of Light, Group Energy Work

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