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VOX LUNA is an auxiliary event to THE WITCHES' COMPASS. VOX LUNA is a conversation, a dialogue, and an investigation into the meaning and potential of witchcraft as a cultural practice in both its devotional and operative manifestations.

VOX LUNA is not a lecture or a class in the traditional sense, but rather a convocation, a gathering, an immersion, a collusion, an Esbat.

Tonight we gather to both practice and discuss, to weave wyrds but also to enchant. Tonight we gather to listen and to speak, but also to dance, to charm, to ensorcel and enthrall.

$15 at the door ( lack of funds? Please contact us to volunteer with set up!) 

Some of the topics to be covered include

THE HISTORIES OF WITCHCRAFTS: witchcraft has manifested in divergent but interconnected forms throughout history, we briefly examine this phenomena and attempt to place these origins in a cultural context that reflects our present state. Who are the witches? Where did they come from and where are they going?

THE WITCHES' COMPASS: witchcraft is inherently land based. We examine and explore this sacred spatial delineation with particular focus on what this means to urban based practitioners. What is the axis with which we work? What are the deeper mysteries of our orientation when we seek to move into sacred space. Crossroads, compass, circle, shrine, what are the ways and means of navigating the crooked path.

THE DREAMING EYE: at the heart of many sorcerous traditions is the practice of oneiromancy, magical dreaming. We explore the differences between psychological, prophetic, mundane, and sabbatic dreams. How does one tell them apart and what uses might each form bring to the path of the witch? We explore the art of dream induction and prepare for revelation.

THE LITANY OF THE MOONS: Witchcraft is inseparable from the ebb and flow of the lunar tide , but there is more here than waxing and waning. Each moon has an individual character and mood, we explore the American folkloric tradition of moon names and work the mysteries of alignment by chant and rhythm to raise up and draw down.

FAMILIAR SPIRITS, PACTS AND CONTRACTS: historically witchcraft is closely associated with it's practitioners desire to consort and form alliances with unseen beings for various reasons both fair and foul. Who are these beings? Of what benefit could it be to seek them out? What if anything would such a being wish to receive in return? How could this practice be valid in contemporary life.

Witchcraft is above all a feast! sometimes a celebration and sometimes a lamentation. Our sabbat is meal that is shared between the living, the dead, and that which is both and neither . As such light refreshments shall be served. .