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The Marseille Major Arcana

In its series of 22 pictures, the Tarot de Marseille gives us a map, taking us step-by-step through the unfolding of a human consciousness. The breadth and depth of this terrain is vast, and it takes a lifetime (or more!) to explore. But how do we begin to read this map? What is the story behind these pictures?

We will examine the major arcana not as a divinatory tool, but instead as a spiritual text and a narrative on an individual scale. The talk will address some of the origins of the Tarot images, some of the differences between the Marseille and Rider-Waite traditions, and what these mean in the context of your spiritual practice.

If you are new to the Tarot, this talk will give you a taste of its magnitude and richness; for storied readers and experienced spiritual students, it is an invitation to explore the very pulse of the book of Tarot, and the particular collective wisdom that makes the Marseille deck so special.

For over five years Brian Oaster has been studying the cards in theory and in practice, much of which was spent traveling through East Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia, giving readings to friends along the way. Now he is a reader at Catland Books, as well as at Namaste Bookshop in Manhattan.

12 June, 7-9pm

Earlier Event: June 4
CLOSED 12pm-3pm
Later Event: June 13
Mystic Poets Open Mic