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Intro to Runic Healing, by Black Earth Botanica

Since their inception, the Elder Futhark runes have been used to "send" energies for practical magical use. References to "Health/Healing Runes" can be found in the Havamal and later texts, suggesting that this was once a common operative use. In this class, we will extrapolate similarities between select runes, ancient herbal wisdom, modern herbalogy, and effective magical bind runes in a bid to reclaim wisdom that was destroyed during the Christianization of Europe. A basic knowledge of the Elder Futhark runes is suggested but not required. $20 is requested from participants to help cover the use of the space.

The class is being held by Janine Tyto Hagal, a "wortcunner, and intuitive runecaster" whose project Black Earth Botanica aims to share the age old ancestral lessons with others, as well as offer herbal elixers and ritual products infused with wildcrafted tinctures.