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Feast of Hecate Open Ritual

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The New York Temple of Hecate, Inc. is proud to present:
Feast of Hecate 2015
Thursday, August 13th
Catland Ritual Space, Brooklyn

Please join the temple for a very special gathering of forces to honor She who is our Queen. The Feast of Hecate comes from the ancient festival of Diana Trivia where Hecate is reverenced as Diana of the three roads. This feast was a time to leave offerings to Hecate as "Lady of Storms" to avert her wrath and allow for a successful and plentiful harvest. Come and join us as we invoke Her to give thanks for her bounty and ask Her aid for our strife. Please bring offerings sacred to Her, which include Eggs, Barley, Wine, Leeks, Onions, Garlic, Dark Ale, and Flowers, to leave at Her altar. We will dance and chant and conjure Her up for a special oracular session. We look forward to seeing you all for this most special night!
-The Priest and Priestesses of the Temple of Hecate, Inc.

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