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Becoming Psychic with Deborah Lipp

Becoming Psychic

Many people struggle with being more intuitive, psychic, or perceptive. In
fact, most people see themselves either as "headblind" (not at all
psychic) or too psychic--flooded with unwelcome perceptions that can be
debilitating. This class is designed to help anyone be more psychic while
also being able to manage the ability. We will talk about the barriers to
being psychic and ways to overcome them. We'll discuss specific
techniques, both in a situation when being psychic is called for (like
giving a reading) and on your own. We'll delve into how using a divinatory
tool such as tarot can help.

This workshop coincides with the release of Deborah's new book, Tarot Interactions, which will be available for sale. Deborah will be signing both her new book as well as older books brought in.

Deborah Lipp began her study of the tarot in 1981, reads professionally,
and has taught on the subject since 1993. She is the author of several
popular books on occult topics, including The Elements of Ritual, The Way
of Four, and Merry Meet Again. She has also appeared in publications as
diverse as Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, Pangaia, Green Egg, and Mothering
Magazine. Deborah also writes on pop culture topics, and is the co-owner
and chief writer at Basket of Kisses, a television and media blog. She has
appeared in IndieWire, the New York Times, and elsewhere on topics such
Mad Men and James Bond. In addition, she holds a day job in the software

Deborah lives just outside New York City with her spouse, Melissa, and an
assortment of cats. She is the proud mother of Arthur Lipp-Bonewits,
himself a skilled professional tarot reader. She’s happy to say she gave
him his first deck.  Deborah is obsessed with logic puzzles, James Bond,
and old musicals.

$20, 6-8pm