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Introduction to Alchemy with Asc Helevitus

The mention of alchemy pricks the ears of all people, from the seasoned occultist to even the most disinterested cynic. Still many of us across that spectrum actually have little to no idea of the finer points of alchemy: its history, its main players, its contributions to modern sciences or the processes and techniques that are practiced in an alchemical laboratory. In these two classes, the occultist and cynic alike may find wisdom of this mostly forgotten art.

In Introduction to Alchemy, we will cover the basic definition of the Western Alchemy, a role call of important characters through history, and a breakdown of terms and concepts. What is alchemy? Who was Hermes Trismegistus? What famous historical figures practiced alchemy? What is the meaning behind the fantastical imagery and symbols we see associated with the art? Asc is pleased to help demystify the world of alchemy, and is thrilled to give you all a better view into what it means to be an alchemist.


About Asc Helevitus:
Asc is not an alchemist. Asc did not study dead languages for five years at a university in California. Asc did not study exigesis of the Bible for several years before moving to New York. Asc has not been a slave to a consuming love of plants and herbcraft and the occult since a young age. Asc is not a neophyte perfumer combining her threefold interests in herbalism, perfume and alchemy into an eclectic line of astrological or outcome-attracting fragrances. Asc identifies as very little, very strongly. Asc is a seeker, an eccentric, a contrarian, a create-er and a troublemaker, and you shouldn't listen to anything she has to say. And you should definitely not try her perfumes or her medicines.