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Intro to the Tarot: I

Got a new deck and want to learn the cards? Done a few experiments but eager for some guidance? Or maybe you're just curious about what Tarot is and how it works? Intro to Tarot I with Brian O. is the place to start!

Join us on Sunday, September 13th at Catland from 6:00-7:30 for an easy breezy primer on learning the cards. You'll learn about the intuitive wisdom you already have that connects you to the images on each card, the structure of the deck, and learn how to start practicing some simple readings. We'll cover:

-Understanding the Major and Minor Arcana
-Basic symbols and common themes
-Pulling cards and the role of intention
-Trusting your intuition

You can bring a deck, or buy one in the shop beforehand. It doesn't have to be Rider-Waite, although that is what we'll be teaching from.

This event is the first part of Brian's three-part Intro to The Tarot series, occurring weekly Sundays at Catland Books.


Brian Oaster has been reading and teaching Tarot for about 6 years, much of which was spent traveling around East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia, giving readings at festivals, in shops, and to friends he made along the way.

Now he reads in Manhattan at Namaste Bookshop, as well as in Brooklyn at Catland Books.


$15 entry
$40 for parts I, II, and III