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Galloping Windhorses: A Journey through Siberian and North Asian Spirituality and Shamanist Traditions

What would you think of if I asked what you know about the spiritual traditions of Siberia, Mongolia, and other lands north of the Great Wall? Besides Buddhism and perhaps the tales of Genghis Khan, have you heard of the Children of the Blue Wolf, the Reindeer people, and the sacred Bear and Fire ceremonies? Would you like to know the locations of the Golden Mountains, the Lake of Heaven, and other sacred sites? How about folk practices such as white horse blessings, cleansings by fire and sacred arshaan water, and soul retrieval? In other words, how do the people of Siberia (and the land formerly known as the "Tartary") honor and work with the spirits of the land and of the ancestors? Come with us and we shallexplore some of these traditions from the Caspian Sea to the Pacific Ocean, a vast region of steppes, forests, and mountains often described as the "cradle of Shamanism".

$15 pre sale // $20 at the door
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David Shi is an Animistic worker and folk magician of Manchurian descent. Raised in a household that incorporated both Siberian and North Chinese practices, David has dedicated his spare time to the study of the spiritual traditions of his ancestors and of greater Eurasia. Through hours of meditation, journeys, and rituals, David has developed special relationships with both spirits and respected members of the New York Pagan, Magickal, and Spiritual communities. He has also studied Witchcraft, Rootwork & Conjure, and Rune-lore, and is a reader of Tarot, Runes, and Bones. David also teaches the Korean traditional drumming art of Poongmul-nori.

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