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Tarot in Motion: Q&A With Enrique Enriquez

Tarot in Motion is a class that takes the form of a Q&A in which members of the audience submit personal questions, so Enriquez can showcase his approach to the tarot while composing specific answers to each one of them. This way, the poetics of the tarot will be explored in a highly interactive process that will disclose practical results.

Enrique Enriquez has published two books on the poetics of the tarot: Tarology (2011) and Linguistick (2013); and two book of interviews: EN TEREX IT and EX ITENT ER, (2012); all published by EyeCorner Press, at Roskilde University (Denmark). His work and ideas are the main subject of 'TAROLOGY, the Poetics of tarot' (2011), an independent feature film directed by Chris Deleo.