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Inner Sanctum Philosophorum Present’s:
“Death and the Glorified Corpus”
A Lecture and Ritual

The Alchemical process leads to an exaltation of being to it’s highest potential, and this process always begins with death. In Alchemy this first stage of decay is called “Putrefaction”.

This lecture will feature a slide show in which we will explore the role of death in both Laboratory and Inner Alchemy, observing the Hermetic Axiom of “As Above, So Below”, as we make comparisons to what happens in the vessels of the laboratory Alchemist and the inner path towards Illumination.

Here in the heart of winter, when the sun is at it’s weakest influence, we see death all around us in nature. But lying hidden in the appearance of decay, and void presence of being, are the seeds to a newer and greater life. Death is a necessary and important function in nature that enables evolution to progress towards higher potential.

Following the lecture we will perform a ritual invocation and make offerings to Saturn, the god of death and alchemical putrefaction. Attendees are encouraged to add to our invocation by bringing with them, or creating at the event, words to call forth and honor Saturn’s majesty.

We will make offerings of incense and flowers sacred to Saturn. Feel free to bring offerings to be included. The ritual will culminate with each of us casting into the cauldron a description of something within us which we wish to transform, calling upon Saturn’s presence to help us towards achieving that goal.

The $10 cover charge goes completely to Catland Books. Included in the attendance fee is a tarot reading for anyone who wishes to have one.

Description of our organization:

Inner Sanctum Philosophorum is a NYC area Hermetic-Alchemical group with the mission of proliferating Hermetic Philosophy and guiding others towards Knowledge and Conversation with their Higher Genius.

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