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Sacred Skin : Tattoo in Religion & Society

Sacred Skin explores the purpose and meaning of topical and subdermal bodily adornment, from the earliest preserved examples of tattoo to modern methodology and imagery. 

The religious, sociopolitical and medicinal aspects of tattoo are as indelibly inked on the human psyche as they are on the body. Over the course of an hour, presenter Emily Anne will address temporary and permanent skin-based artistic expression through the lens of world culture and history: 

- Chromatic Chronology: a look at notable body modification events and discoveries against the backdrop of world history and politics from 5,000 BCE to the present.

- Methodology: the evolution of the arts of adornment from hand-tap and "pick" style tattoos to Sailor Jerry's revolutionary tattoo machine. Also, what's the deal with woad? 

- Kings to Criminals and Back: The shifting significance of tattoo by region, from the Japanese Yakuza's adoption of traditional Ainu designs to the re-emergence of tattoos as a status symbol in westernized culture. 

- Religious Reconciliation: A look at tattoo in Northern African Islamic tradition, the Hebraic stricture against religious burial of tattooed persons, and the Egyptian Coptic Christian tradition, and more!  

- Profound Significance: iconic imagery and meaning of tattoo symbolism, as warding and protection magic, familial and tribal identification, religious devotion, shamanic channeling, military standing, and memento mori. 

- Do's and Don'ts of Tattoo: Notes on selecting the right tattoo, communicating with your artist, the tattoo method, the healing process, aftercare, and avoiding infection, fading, distortion, and cultural appropriation in your personal spiritual body-art journey. 

- Special Guest! Lee Salas will discuss Native American spiritual tattoo traditions! 

Please join us for a celebration of body art as an expression of the divine and profane across history and world culture! 


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