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Johanna Warren - "Gemini I" An Evening of Music & Ritual

Johanna Warren - "Gemini I" 
An Evening of Music & Ritual Performance Featuring Damon Stang & Benjamin Blake

The third studio album by songwriting witch Johanna Warren, Gemini I is the first of twin albums about the blessing and the curse that is romantic love, and the heavens and hells we co-create. Warren's sophomore release, numun (Team Love, 2015) was named one of Stereogum's Best Albums of 2015 and gave Rolling Stone cause to name her "One of Four Singer-Songwriters You Need To Know in 2015."

In structuring and conceptualizing this ambitious body of work, Warren worked with two specific images from the Tarot–The Lovers, and The Devil–both of which illustrate two mortals in relationship triangulated by a third, divine presence presiding over them: in The Lovers, an angel extends its hands over the mortals, witnessing and blessing their union; in The Devil, the lovers are chained to the Devil's throne. These songs document the dance of polarity, the messy alchemical undertaking that is the merging of two human lives, and the third presence that emerges from this union, visualized alternately as a devil or an angel.  

Gemini I and II consist of 9 songs each, and every song has a corresponding "twin" on the other album (e.g. Track 3 on Gemini I is the twin of Track 3 on Gemini II) linked by lyrical and thematic content, musical motifs and/or production choices. Each album consists of three sets of three songs (reflecting the triangular dynamic illustrated in aforementioned cards, and because Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac) out of which one in every three represents an Angel or a Devil, while the other two symbolize the attending mortal pair from which this consciousness emerges

Recorded by longtime collaborator Bella Blasko in a haunted church in Woodstock, NY, Gemini I will be released on Warren's own newly initiated record label, Spirit House, whose mission is to elevate female and nonbinary voices in defiance of the patriarchal mainstream and to empower free-spirited artists to make and distribute art on their own terms. 

$10 entry

“Perfect for woodland wanderings, summer storms, or midnight crystal scrying.perfect for woodland wanderings, summer storms, or midnight crystal scrying.” – Pam Grossman, Phantasmaphile

“Like [Elliott] Smith, she’s interested in the depths of human relationships and the forces that can poison them unseen. She doesn’t lament the dissolution of romances and friendships, but attacks it like a puzzle.” –Consequence of Sound

“…hauntingly sorrowful and beautifully optimistic” – Guild Guitars

“More than an average ‘singer-songwriter’ turning out pretty by-the-numbers folk tunes, her music is sparse and complex all at once and her words are often colored with deeply vivid spiritual and mystical imagery”- The 405

“it is clear that for Warren the act of creativity and spiritual healing are one and the same, and if that’s the case then nūmūn, an album as bewitching as it is ambitious, is certainly good for what ails you.” –Folk Radio UK

“Rich in sensual language and meditative honesty” –Impose Magazine

“…like thin white drapes letting dusty sun rays beam through.” –CMJ