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Tinder Witchcraft : Love Magic for the Modern Age

Slipping someone a love potion? Creepy. Asking a witch for a love spell? Suspicious. Dusting their pillow with attraction powder? Probably a felony. 

So what's a lovesick millennial to do?

Dubbed a "Tinder witch" by Refinery 29, Melissa Madara knows how hard it can be to get a date in NYC with someone who doesn't repulse you (selfie with a giant fish? why is that even a thing?) and how it's even harder to keep them around after the first few cocktails. Using traditional American folk magic fixes, some technowitchcraft, and a little bit of creativity, Melissa endeavors to help you out of your romantic woes and into your dream partnership. She'll teach you how to enchant your phone, your date outfit, your words, and of course, your perfect partner. Useful skills for lovesick monogamites, flirty polyamorites, straight partnerships, queer partnerships, and everyone in between!