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Magickal Activism 101

Activism comes in many forms, shapes, styles, and natures. Among them, and oft overlooked, are spiritual and magical activism.

The national and political spirit of a state, country, or group are entities the practitioner can engage, invoke, or evoke much like any other spirit. Magical workings can be tailored to work with, for, or against a given political current or trend.

This class will introduce basic concepts and techniques for political magical action, provide models the practitioner can use in their own working, and will conclude with a simple group-working.

F. Jennings will discuss techniques from a chaos magic perspective, incorporating elements of egregore and sigil work, and drawing from aspects of political science and psychology.

Sarah Lyons will talk about the ritualistic dimension of protesting, and practical tips on warding your space from harm.

$9 presale, $15 at the door.