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Balm & Salve Crafting Workshop - Snow Moon with RAVENOUS x CRAFT

Also known as the Hunger Moon, February is all about paring down, reigning in, and learning to live with restraint. By paying attention to the cycles of the earth and living by the seasons, we can more fully experience the burst of joy and decadence in months when the produce is bountiful. We will discuss idea recipes for dinners and where to procure supplies to make this craft at your next coven gathering.

Craft – Balms & Salves

In February, we practice self-care and with the whipping wind and cold temperatures, creating herb and essential oil infused balms and salves will help nourish our chapped lips, broken cuticles, and dry patches that need some extra tenderness. Balms can double as beard balm to give as gifts to the bearded ones in our lives, perhaps for Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it.

$33 per person – includes materials and tea/handmade snack
hand made moon calendars and recipe books for sale
Space is limited ; please purchase tickets through the Ravenous website


Ravenous Craft is a monthly class hosted by Mallory Lance, wolf mother of Ravenous Craft, with the intention of getting back to our wildish natures and bringing back the ancient tradition of female gatherings and ritual. From this class, you will learn basic leadership skills in uniting your coven, structuring gatherings so they can be fruitful, productive, and grounded, and a touch point to begin the new chapter of your life, gathering with other inspiring, wild females, and creating your own community that will last.
There’s an inherent power in the time honored tradition of female gatherings, and we seek to strip away the patriarchy-imposed fear of female groups of gathering and support. We’ve been taught through mainstream media that women only get together to talk about clothes, makeup, shopping, and surface-level chatter, but we seek to change that stereotype and get to the earthy roots of female bonding over creativity, sharing, support, intuition, and listening to & developing with the earth’s natural rhythms and cycles.
This class is for those who question the status quo and look for answers beyond the surface. It’s for women who want to develop a core group of like-minded sisters and bring their solitary ritual practice into a time honored tradition of female gatherings. Rather than setting a one-off class that guests will forget about soon after, this class will give wild women the tools to connect with likeminded others and start their own chapters from the ground up.

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