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From Wicca to Witchcraft I : A Four Part Series On Deepening Your Craft

Have You been interested in Witchcraft but feel that modern Wicca isn’t for you?

Have you practiced and studied Wicca for years and are looking to go deeper?

Have you been initiated and elevated to your third degree but you know there is more?

Here is your chance to explore the concepts of the more traditional witches craft through the lens of an old-craft practitioner and initiate. Learn about the concepts central to an old-style witch’s worldview before its mass popularity and white-washing brought about by Gerald Gardner. Learn how the concepts of Wicca are only the beginning of how true cunning folk actually work. Uncover the truth about the taboo concepts of Witchcraft like the Devil and the darker aspects that the Church loves to demonize and why…”

In this introductory series, long time craft practitioner and initiate, Matthew Sawicki will take you on a journey far deeper than your Wicca books and training will ever offer. Matthew is an initiate of Gardnerian Wicca as well as the old craft tradition of Clan Tubal Cain out of England and is here to offer you perspective and praxis into a Witchcraft that is only now starting to show its face outside of the broom closet.  

Classes may be attended individually or as an entire course. This first class will lay the foundation for our course, discussing basic pagan concepts, the origins of the Wiccan practice, and the opportunities it presents as a springboard for deeper study.

$40.00 per class
$140.00 for all four, if paid in advance

*Each class will be two hours – two 45 min sections each – with a short break in between for bathroom and refreshments.


Matthew Sawicki is a practicing Witch and Occultist of over 25 years. His magic is rooted in his upbringing in the mountains of Pennsylvania where his Catholic family and their traditions only lent to his interest and study in the old ways. Matthew was first introduced to modern Witchcraft while in high school when he began a lengthy correspondence with Carol Bulzone, original owner of Enchantments, Inc. In the East Village. Matthew eventually went on to work there as one of the apothecaries and readers and was initiated into the New York Wica Tradition through the Enchantments Coven. After working through the three degrees, Matthew yearned for more out of his craft. Fate brought about certain teachers and experiences that lead him to an older Craft that was not much talked about in the heyday of Wicca. Through many interesting twists and turns on his crooked path, Matthew was lead to California where he lived for several years while learning and practicing with the Clan of Tubal Cain tradition of the enigmatic late magister, Robert Cochrane. The current Maid of the Clan in the UK became aware of the work of the California group through several correspondences and flew to Los Angeles and initiated Matthew and his two coven mates into the original Clan. Matthew lives once again in New York City and continues his Traditional work while still corresponding with his teachers in California and England. Matthew teaches Wicca as a basis for the deeper witchcraft mysteries and welcomes inquiries as to how to go further in your craft studies.

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