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VOX LUNA : Full Crow's Moon Supper

“The Mind void yet the Thought fully formed.
The Body hungry yet the Spirit replenished.
The Wood unfinished yet the Table carved.
The Platter empty yet the Larder full.”

- Midnight’s Table. Robert Fitzgerald

The Witches’ Supper is an enduring motif of the Sabbat, an ecstatic communion of the body, spirit, and the land. Join us tonight to celebrate the Full Crow Moon and usher in the Vernal Equinox of this year, Tonight we feast among the crows with a special menu created exclusively by Melissa Madara, co owner of Catland. Ritual and ceremony will be presided over by Damon Stang and members of King’s County Coven #1 .

The Crow Moon is traditionally understood of the final Moon of Winter when the cawing of the crows signifies the cracking of the frost to reveal the fertile soil ripe with worm and seed. Crows are special allies, they react to hunger and invasion by vigorously vocalizing their feelings. They display happines, anger and sadness. Tonight they dine at our side.
Our meal will be served banquet style and is set as follows :

Slow Cooked Black Chicken - pearl onions / black pepper / ginger
Truffled Root Mash - celery root / potato / parsnip
Farfalle - sweet peas / enoki / mint
Farro Stew - spring beans / artichoke / lemon
Radicchio Salad - beets / pistachio / orange / fennel
Fresh Rustic Breads - green olive / spring onion / thyme
Rhubarb & Berry Tarts - creme fraiche / roasted white chocolate

VOX LUNA is a conversation, a dialogue, and an investigation into the meanings and potentialities of witchcraft as a cultural practice in both its devotional and operative manifestations.
Witchcraft is a feast! sometimes a celebration , at times a lamentation.
VOX LUNA is not a lecture or a class in the traditional sense, but rather a convocation, a gathering, an immersion, a collusion, a sabbatic ascent.
We gather to both practice and discuss, to weave wyrds but also to enchant. We gather to listen and to speak, but also to dance, to charm, to ensorcel and enthrall.
VOX LUNA is spiritual forum neither requiring nor advocating any formal devotional practice. Our table stands at the top of an invisible mountain in a nameless country without borders. All are welcome at our supper, a Sabbatic meal to be shared among the living, the dead, and that which is both and neither.
$ 40- by RSVP only. Please purchase tickets with the link below to secure your spot. You may also call (718) 418 9393 for reservations and pay by phone.

Please note that this is a fully catered event, the ticket price reflects this fact. Dinner reservations are essential. Financially challenged? Please contact your hosts to find out about limited volunteer opportunities.
Your Hosts :
DAM0N STANG is a thrice initiated witch , event producer and card reader. He was born and raised in rural South Africa, at 12 years old Stang received his first 'Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards' from his grandmother (herself a spiritualist, cartomancer and Ouija Board enthusiast) and quickly worked himself up to becoming a passionate scholar of divination with a special focus on Tarot. He trained at street fairs, among Sangoma's in the Maluti Mountains of South Africa, and more recently in the Botanicas of Brooklyn and the Bronx NYC.
He is a lifelong researcher and practitioner of 'the witchcrafts' and is a celebrated member of the NYC magickal community.
Damon's special emphasis is on Urban Folk Magic and the Genis Loci of New York City. He is a founding member of the Pagan Federation of South Africa, Magister of Kings County Coven #1 (as featured in the New York Post and New York Times ), an initiate of Lady Rhea, and a member of Temenos Ophiuchus of the Minoan Brotherhood.
Damon Stang co produced the popular Witches’ Compass with Katelan Foisey. He has appeared in The New York times, The New York Post, Newsweek Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Currently Damon reads cards and offers spell consultations at Catland books.

Melissa Madara is a pastry chef, burlesque performer, card reader and co owner at Catland Books. She is a NYC native, but has also lived and studied in New Orleans, LA and Dharamsala, India. 
Melissa has been serving the foodservice industry for almost a decade. She recieved her dietician & chef's training at the Natural Gourmet Institute, and has served in some of the best kitchens in New York City, including Vitae, The River Cafe, and Dominique Ansel Kitchen. 
Melissa comes from a rich familial background in folk magic, with roots in both rural Croatian gypsy traditions and Pennsylvania Dutch hexerei. She is a born & raised New Yorker, and believes strongly in using one's native terre and tradition to enhance their spiritual work. Her practice is uniquely American, and therefore syncretic; drawing from Christian, hoodoo, indigenous (Shawnee), and Appalachian traditions.

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