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Archetypes in Astrology: Liberating Your Trickster & the Full Moon in Libra

Astrology is not fate; it is a symbolic language that cultivates the awareness necessary to unlock the gate to our free will. This seminar will be the beginning of a series facilitated by Nate Speare, a Jungian Psychological Astrologer who has studied with the great Montgomery Taylor and works with the Carl Jung Center and ARAS (Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism). We will focus on how to understand astrology through the myths that give it substance. Astrology gives us the timing of cosmic energy and events, but mythology is what gives us the meaning of those events. Through understanding the symbolic undertones of planetary interaction in astrology, and inquiring into how these myths are expressing themselves in the collective and personal psyche, we can approach our lives in an imaginative and self-empowered way. 

The planets of astrology channel archetypes, or characters that human beings use to represent cosmic forces that are better illuminated than merely explained. These archetypes are inner persons that work to refine their life within us as our souls unfold. They express themselves on a wide spectrum, from savage to elegant and everywhere in between. This series will be about the art of symbolically interpreting the unfoldment of these cosmic characters by looking at their cycles and their relationships to each other (planetary aspects). 

The seminar will begin with an analysis of this month’s Full Moon, paying particular attention to how it serves as an immediate example of an “opposition”, which is an angle that triggers confrontation and balance between psychological energies. We will learn how to identify oppositions so that we can recognize what psychic energies are confronting each other at a given moment in time and explore how to use this awareness for self-empowerment. We will also discuss Mercury’s placement in our personal birth charts as he represents our individual communication style as well as the necessarily mischief-making Trickster that keeps life exciting. The aim of this analysis will be to explore how we can relate with our inner communicator and our inner trickster in empowering and disempowering ways, probing into Mercury’s dynamic way of serving as a guide as the new demands of the Age of Aquarius rush into our consciousness. Our analyses will join an attempt to enrich our personal lives with an inquiry into how planetary symbolism shows itself in current political and social events. The session will conclude with the presentation of a brief “Astro-Drama”, examining how the planets talk to each other. 

Highlights will include:

-Mercury the Trickster and his role in the Age of Aquarius: Mercury/Hermes, our personal communication style and his role in current political events

-The Opposition: the angle of confrontation, balance and taking turns

-The Full Moon in Libra: How an ability to imagine into the Other balances our "what's in it for me" mentality

$15 entry

Later Event: March 19
Full Moon Market VI