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Queering the Divine : An exploration of divine reflections of queer identity

On Friday, March 4th, join us for a workshop facilitated by Dakota in which we will be exploring the many, many manifestations and divine reflections of who we are as queers & transfolk.

Dakota will be sharing dozens of examples of religious stories, legends and lore which show our queerness, as we understand it today, to be a mark of the gods, an aspect of the divine, and representative of our nature as "walkers between the worlds”.

We will also be discussing how and why we honor the Beloved Queer & Transgender Dead, those whose stories must be told, those who have no one to honor them, to remember them, to hold them in the high esteem in which they deserve.

Why "Queering the Divine"?
Many of the most popular systems of witchcraft rely on duality, dichotomy, polarization; on everything being fundamental, rigid opposites: 
good/evil, black/white, male/female. 

But in this forum we will explore how we exist between, outside and in spite of these dichotomies and how that influences our practice. We stand in defiance of such definition as we express our autonomy, our agency, our divinity.

And our stories need to be celebrated, but even moreso - they need to be told.


Dakota is one of Brooklyn’s premier witches, diviners and spiritual counselors. 
They are a reader at Catland, the founder of Strega Babe Spiritual Supply & The Queer Witch Collective.
Dakota has been featured on Italian Vogue, Huffington Post, VICE, Broadly, Bitch Media and MTV.

$10 entry, refreshments provided