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CANCELLED: Advanced Tarot I

UPDATE: Hi everyone, it turns out that because of a scheduling conflict with our reader salon, and because we need about 12-15 people signed up to do this class, the Advanced Tarot course has been postponed until a later month! Keep your eyes on the calendar, and as always feel free to come by the shop and chat tarot questions with us anytime!


Comfortable with your Rider-Waite style deck and thirsty for more? Good, because the Tarot deepens proportionately as we peer more deeply into it! This class will explore the roots of Tarot history as the mysterious mandalas began to emerge in medieval Europe, some of the key changes that have appeared in the major and minor arcana along the way and what they mean for the practitioner, as well as some modern, experimental techniques to increase the complexity and scope of your readings.

In this first class of three we will introduce students to the Tarot de Marseille and discuss the unique narrative presented by the major arcana. We'll also present some recommended reading for the rest of the course and talk about different theories of the Tarot's origins.

You won't need a deck for this lecture-style class, but note-taking is encouraged!


A grounded reader with practical spiritual advice, Brian Oaster is an independent mystic who strives to balance his readings with logic, compassion, intuition and realism. Over the years he has given thousands of readings to people all over the world, using the Tarot as a spiritual text for personal unfoldment as well as a divinatory tool to help others along their paths.

After meditating under the instruction of Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai, learning divination at a Goddess of Mercy temple in Singapore, and cutting his teeth as a professional reader at a little bookstore in Melbourne, Brian O. has now set up a practice in New York and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after spiritual consultants in the city. As owner of Catland Books, he is also a passionate servant of Brooklyn's mystical and occult community.