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A Short History of Mystical Sequential Art with Derek Elmore

A Short History of Mystical Sequential Art

This lecture given by Derek Mathew Elmore will explore, as the title suggests, the history of mystical sequential art through the ages. Starting with Paleolithic cave drawings into Medieval and Renaissance predellas, early artist books, the visionary art, poetry and prophecy of William Blake (1757 – 1827), the Magus and Artist Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956), leading to the advent of comic books, and even film, finally finishing with his own The Bastard Icons, which were seven years in the making and on view at Catland for this talk. 



Derek Mathew Elmore is a published writer, speaker, and artist living and working in New York. Derek studied Studio Art in London and Italy, receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Richmond International University, London. Derek went on to study Conservation of Works of Art on Paper and obtained his Masters Degree from Camberwell College of the Arts, London. As an artist, Derek’s work attempts to expand the “periphery of consciousness”. He cites his fundamental influences as sequential art, the Italian Renaissance and Surrealism. In the field of art conservation Derek has always sought to work with visionary art or objects with sacred qualities. He has worked as a conservator or archivist at St. Paul’s Cathedral, John Latham’s Flat-Time House, The 9/11 Memorial and the Nicholas Roerich Museum. This is Derek’s first solo exhibition.