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ALCHEMY OF SOAP: Method and Ritual Relevance

You reaffirm with your daily shower your own higher nature, your own purity, that you are in this world but not of it. Soap up, friends, for your next shower shall be a meditation, an exercise in celebrating your higher nature and your status as the result of alchemy, history and sacrifice. Join Asc Helvetius in a discussion of the alchemy of soap, including its history, symbolism, science, and method. 

A batch of soap will be created for the class during the presentation, and attendees will go home with a fine custom bar of fresh soap!

Asc Helvetius is an enthusiast and practitioner of herbcraft, perfumery, laboratory alchemy and everything in between. Her pursuit of the ritual and metaphysical significance of chemical reactions has been lifelong, and her prodigious obsession with soap is very recent.