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Shaping Personal Reality: Quantum, Tarot and Psychomagic

Catland is proud to welcome Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel, for an exclusive talk on Quantum and the Marseille Tarot!

In this event we explore the theory and practice of changing personal reality through conscious work. To understand reality shaping and how to approach it we'll draw insights from quantum physics, traditional methods of supenatural magic and A. Jodorowsky's idea of psychomagic. Then I'll suggest the use of Tarot cards as a practical tool for shaping personal reality.  

We start the first part with the transition from the old machanistic worldview to quantum reality. We'll see how the concepts of particle and wave reflect our dual existence as individuals and as parts of a whole. I'll explain the measurable quantum effects which show that the wave/universal aspect is more basic than the particle/ego one. We'll examine the implications of this fact in terms of what is possible and what is not in reality shaping. We finish this part with the expression of the particle and wave consciousness in the clothed and nude figures of the Tarot.

In the second part I'll present reality shaping through psychomagic, which is using traditional magical principles in a framework of phychological awareness. Then I'll describe some basic techniques of doing psychomagical work with Tarot cards, that you can take home and try for yourself.

$15 Admission

Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov studied Physics and Philosophy of Science at Tel Aviv University, and holds a doctorate on the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics from Paris-13 University. He taught at Tel Aviv University and other institutions. He is the author of the first Tarot book in Hebrew (1981), and conducts Tarot workshops and readings. In 2011 Yoav Ben-Dov restored and published the CBD Tarot de Marseille, and recently his book "Tarot - the Open Reading" was published in English, Hebrew and Russian. Yoav's Tarot website is at: .