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Fitness Witch Full Moon Yoga with Ammo O'Day

Do you really want to enjoy yoga but can't stand all the holier than thou "I'm enlightened in lululemon" crap?
Are a witch?
Do you need to manifest things into your life but have no idea what the fuck your doing?
Is your sense of humor considered inappropriate?
Do you want to cast spells while crows caw in the distance?
Do you get excited when you pull the Death card form your tarot deck?

You're in luck! 

I, Ammo,The Fitness Witch, will be teaching my first full moon yoga class at Catland from 6:30-8pm on June 17th!
Bring your own mat!
Bring water!
Bring crystals to balance on your foreheads if that's your thing!
Surround your mat with goetic sigils and black candles if that's what works for you!
Hell, bring wine in a flask, I don't care, just don't fall on the person next to you!
I will be updating this page as it gets closer.

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