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Unfucking Christianity with Melissa Madara

There is almost no need to discuss why Christianity may be a sore subject for so many modern occult practitioners. So many of us grew up in religious environments that were restrictive and cold. Some may even see their journey into the occult as a reactionary measure to the oppressive Christian climates of childhood.

But as one of the most far-reaching traditions in religious history, wouldn't it be rash to assume that the whole of Christianity held no tools for divination & practical magical application? In fact, there are rich traditions of Christians who practice sorcery & withcraft all over the world. Could there be something of magical value hidden in the very thing that drove us away?

In this lecture, co-owner of Catland Melissa Madara will probe the hidden occult cloaked within Christianity, and also explore practical applications of the faith in modern witchcraft. We will endeavor to consider Christianity objectively, and to unpack what tools may exist for modern witches to use.

On this night, we shall suffer a witch to live.


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