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Solidarity for the City Beautiful : Closing Ritual

We gather for ritual and solidarity, for mutual care and grieving, for queer worship and magic. We gather to pray in our various ways for our family members whose lives have been cut short by hate and bigotry, by queerphobia, transmisogyny, white supremacy, and islamophobia, and specifically to offer our love, honor, and healing to our fallen family in Orlando.

We welcome members of the LGBTQ communities and our allies who wish to provide support and strength. 

An altar has been standing in the space since Monday, gathering power, prayers, and messages from our communities. We will gather at this altar and hold our family, living and passed on, in our hearts and in our magic. 

There will be a formal ritual structure, but any participant using any tradition or path is encouraged to contribute. Please bring anything you wish to add to or charge on the altar, and any offerings you want to use to invoke your helping spirits, deities, or other entities whose allyship you mean to ask in the work of holding our fallen family.