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Alchemical Chess and Dionysian Regeneration with Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Catland is thrilled to announce our performance, talk and one-night Exhibition by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule!

Oryelle is an Australian esoteric writer and artist. As part of his US tour, Orryelle will be hosting a musical-theatrical ritual performance with live violin and voice, electronica and film projection. He will be using his Alchemical Chess set -made of bronze, glass and clay- which will also be on display before and after the presentation for close-up examination, and some recent oil paintings and drawings by the artist will also be exhibited. 
In addition to the performance Orryelle will be talking about the symbology in his fourfold ‘Tela Quadrivium’ bookweb (Conjunctio, Coagula, Solve & Distillatio, published by Fulgur UK) and demonstrating how the four volumes fit together to be read in a spiral formation.

A preview of Orryelle's Alchemical Chess -including performance video:

Talk begins at 7pm, with performance to follow

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is an Australian esoteric artist in many media, including painting, writing, sculpture, sound and performance art. 
He is the writer-director of Australian-based Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company who have presented many major original productions based in (and updating/mutating) various ancient mythos, and he often performs and exhibits internationally.
In addition to the 'Tela Quadrivium' series from Fulgur Limited, he is the author of ‘Time Fate and Spider Magic’ (Avalonia Books), and The Book of Kaos Tarot (iNSPiRALink.Multimedia Press).
His work engages with connecting the subconscious and conscious through employment of magical and mythical symbols and archetypes, as a part of the vanguard of current resurgence in esoteric arts balanced between the conceptual, emotive and aesthetic.