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Esotericism and the Art of Dying with Ralph White

This evening, NY Open Center co-founder Ralph White will speak about his work in the area of death and dying. He has directed a 20 year conference series on The Art of Dying: Spiritual,Scientific and Practical Approaches to Living and Dying which presents both fresh, holistic and traditional ways of addressing this most profound of all subjects. The emphasis of this work has been on the return of the sacred to the death experience through the use of innovative developments like death doulas, psychedelic therapy, and research into the experience of those resuscitated from near death. Most of this evening's talk will, however, describe the spiritual research of the philosopher, educator and reformer Rudolf Steiner whose detailed investigations into 'the life between death and rebirth' constitute, perhaps, the most remarkable body of work on the esoteric aspects of death produced in the last century. 


Ralph White is the author of the highly regarded new memoir, The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning, which recounts his own journey as a pioneer of the consciousness 'movement.' He is also co-founder of the NY Open Center, the city's leading center of holistic learning since 1984, and director of the Esoteric Quest conference series that focuses on rediscovering the lost spiritual history of the West in places like Alexandria, Egypt; Samothrace, Greece; Granada, Andalusia; and Florence, Italy.