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Introduction to Crystals : Part 1

What do crystals do? What are the healing benefits of crystals? How can they help me? Do they work? For thousands of years crystals have been used for healing, protection or adornment. A carefully placed crystal is not only decorative but can improve the energy in a room considerably. Most spiritual beings already know this and have been using crystals for years in homes, spas and healing centers. Learn the techniques associated with the care of crystals. How do I purchase the right crystal for me? How do I program my crystals? How do I cleanse them? How can they help me in my spiritual practice? Various high-powered crystals from my personal collection gathered from all over the world will be on display. Select pieces will also be for sale. Feel free to bring your favorite crystal or one you have a question about and join in the discussion.


Miss Gina is an avid crystal collector who chooses select high-powered pieces to aid in her spiritual practice. She is a tarot reader, intuitive, medium and crystal ball scryer . She has been reading cards for over 15 years and her gift is passed down from her grandmother from Haiti. She reads and uses the power of crystals for crystal healing and helps to heal emotional imbalances through their energy fields. Her innate gift as a intuitive counselor has connected her with clients such as Louis Vuitton, American Express and Teen Vogue.