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Guided Group Meditation for Ancestor Pathworking

In this interactive Guided Meditation, we will work with the conduits of nature: earth, air, fire, and water, to connect with the spirits of our ancestors. Be prepared to bury your hands in soil, scry with water, use your natural psychic abilities and imaginative power to reconnect with your own lineage in this deeply personal meditation, guided by Karyn Crisis.


Karyn Crisis is a spiritual Medium, channeling guidance from the Spirit world.
Karyn is a Teacherof Mediumship (the system of channeling and communicating with the Spirit World based on the Master Teachings) to beginners as well as already practicing Mediums, natural born sensitives, and psychic trainees. Karyn has trained people in many occult practices to deepen and clarify their own work with the Spirit world such as: witches, healers, empaths, modern shaman and druids, ghost hunters, tarot readers, spiritualists, skeptics, and psychic seekers. Her San Francisco-baed workshops have been a popular and integral part of the Spiritualist community in the Bay Area. 

Karyn’s Writings are currently focused on reclaiming Ancient Wisdom received through the Old Ways. This feminine, receptive practice of devotional Mediumship offers empowerment in our modern times through connecting us to our still-living legacy of the Medicine Women, Wise Women, and “Witches” of the past, as well as to their Goddess Guides and Teachers. Karyn’s own Guides are working with her to document these Master Teachings as they have been taught by Goddess Guides since ancient times.

Earlier Event: September 23
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