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Language of the Goddess Workshop: Blood, Water, Serpents


This exciting workshop will be part lecture, part hands-on ritual work.

 It's designed to give you a broad understanding of a most ancient feminine practice gifted from the spirit world that existed before Paganism and is the true origin of witchery in Italy. 

This workshop will give you an introduction of how to use ancient matrilineal symbols (which have been usurped, demoted, destroyed and perverted by the patriarchy) to create your own symbolic language for ritual that's exclusively feminine, and whose energy offers an intimate connection to the Divine Feminine. 

After we learn, we will put this knowledge to practical use for our own focused ritual. 

This particular workshop will share the symbols, animals, and anatomy  of the  Life-Giving phase of the Goddess and her parallels on earth, in nature and in the physical body.

Specifically, you will learn how to use catamenial blood ( blood from menstruation), along with water and serpent imagery in your Life-Giving ritual work. These are simple and very ancient methods Karyn learned in the Ligurian region of Italy and are related to her forthcoming book "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women."