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Witchcraft 101: Curses, Hexes & Jinxes

Brooklyn’s favorite teacher of the taboo will be walking you through the ins and outs of jinxes, hexes and curses of all types while also challenging the prevailing beliefs concerning the ethics of witchcraft.

From casual hexes to death spells, we’ll walk the line between the dangerous and the divine and all that lies between; we’ll explore a variety of actual spells and workings, choosing effective ingredients, timing your work and gauging the results of your efforts.



Dakota is one of Brooklyn’s premier witches, diviners and spiritual workers. They are a reader, educator and co-owner at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY & the founder of Black Hand Conjure. They have been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post, VICE, Broadly, Bitch Media, Buzzfeed and MTV.