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Intro to Chaos Magic


Chaos Magic is a widely discussed but often misunderstood modern magical tradition. Many are familiar with its sigils, or certain broad strokes of its underlying principles. However, there is much, much more beneath the shining surface of this rich, flexible, and liberating tradition.

Emerging first in the 1970s, Chaos Magic enables a wide and flexible engagement with the mystical, through syncretic and largely self-directed practice. Though rooted in the Western Ceremonial concepts that preceded it, Chaos Magic does away with the rote trappings and recitations of earlier arts in that lineage, and emphasizes personal liberation, experimentation, and creative synthesis.

Catland co-founder F. Jennings will introduce the history, core concepts, and several basic techniques of Chaos Magic. We'll also discuss practice tips and suggestions to help navigate the start down this highly flexible path, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Then we will run through one or, time permitting, two group exercises of basic techniques.

Please bring a notebook or sketchpad.


2pm - 4:30pm

Presale: $13

Door: $20