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Elphame-Bound: An Intro to the Fairy Faith


Eyes glittering in the darkness, beautiful maidens hiding cloven hooves, spectral queens riding at the head of ghostly processions, and offerings of bread and whiskey left in the hollows of haunted trees. These are the things of Fairy.

Many cultures throughout history have acknowledged the existence of another, older people living just beyond our field of vision, at the bleeding edge of imagination. Call them the Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk, the Others, they stand at the crossroads between life and death, waking and sleeping, and they’re waiting for you to reach out to them.

In this class we will tear the gossamer wings off popular fairy misconceptions and discuss the nexus of beliefs and practices that constitute the Fairy Faith as found in the folklore and cunning of the British Isles, Ireland, and beyond. You will walk away with the tools to develop your own relationship with the Good Neighbors, read between the lines of fairytales, and integrate their otherworldly wisdom into modern witchcraft.



Aerinn is a folkloric witch and cunning woman who puts a modern twist on Old World peasant magic and American folk practices. Walking in the steps of the village wise women who came before her, she can help you connect with your purpose and achieve your goals through charm, symbol, root and spell. She has been featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Black Book Magazine.

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