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Urban Alchemy: The Emerald Tablet and the Quintessence of Wine

Urban Alchemy: The Emerald Tablet and the Quintessence of Wine

Saturday, February 11, 2017. 4pm-6pm.


Using a new translation from the oldest known version of the Emerald Tablet as the basis, this evening’s talk will outline the fundamentals of alchemy. Related directly to the Emerald Tablet is the practical work involving the quintessence of wine. According to alchemical theory the quintessence or “fifth essence” is that which permeates all creation maintaining life and the cosmos. There are some things in which the quintessence is more easily accessible and abundant, wine is one of them. And it is through the art of distillation that the quintessence is obtained. This talk will also touch on the various methods of distillation and equipment in preparation for The Art of Distillation workshop.

Join Brian Cotnoir as we explore the basics of urban alchemy, as part of his A Thief's Guide to Alchemy series at Catland Books!

A Thief’s Guide to Alchemy is an occasional series of talks, seminars and workshops concerning the essentials of alchemical theory and practice. With a focus on Hellenistic, Byzantine, Arabic and early Latin alchemy, we examine the roots of alchemy through replicating the work and practice using basic laboratory techniques. This unique series provides a solid introduction to the theories and practices of alchemy, enabling the participants to begin alchemical research and experimentation on their own.

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