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Urban Alchemy: The Art of Distillation

Urban Alchemy: The Art of Distillation.

Sunday, February 12, 2017. 2pm-6pm.


This demonstration workshop will build upon and deepen our understanding of alchemical theory through one of the key processes in practical alchemy – distillation. Basing our work on a 14th century text by John of Rupescissa we will extract by distillation the quintessence of wine. In this workshop the basics of distillation, safety, equipment, set-up, operation, and alternatives to professional lab-ware will be reviewed and demonstrated.

Join Brian Cotnoir as we explore the basics of urban alchemy, as part of his A Thief's Guide to Alchemy series at Catland Books!

A Thief’s Guide to Alchemy is an occasional series of talks, seminars and workshops concerning the essentials of alchemical theory and practice. With a focus on Hellenistic, Byzantine, Arabic and early Latin alchemy, we examine the roots of alchemy through replicating the work and practice using basic laboratory techniques. This unique series provides a solid introduction to the theories and practices of alchemy, enabling the participants to begin alchemical research and experimentation on their own.

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