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Intro to Meditation: Confronting the Monkey Mind

Join Catland card reader and community member Sophia for an introductory workshop on the basics of meditation. 
This hands-on, practical class is specifically geared toward the esoteric practitioner and ritualist, though anyone wishing to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and to enhance their capacity for focus and reflective/creative thought will leave with time-tested methods for attaining these goals. 

We will go over proper posture needed for long-term (and better short-term) sitting, breathing exercises for inducing a shift in consciousness, as well as a variety of techniques and tips for coping with the sanity-eroding effects of big city living. We will also discuss what meditation is and what it is NOT in order to dispel any pernicious misconceptions that may get in the way of good practice! 

Attendees are asked to dress in loose, comfortable clothing and bring with them one or two small, firm cushions for sitting. The firmness of an average couch cushion or sandbag is about right. Complimentary tea and light refreshments will be served.  


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