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Alchemy & Dream : The Lunar Realm of Alchemy

Dream has played an integral role throughout alchemy. Looking at recorded dreams from Alexandrian alchemists and others, we will examine the use of dreams and visions in alchemical work. We will discuss methods and techniques of dream work and visualization found in early alchemy texts with a view to its application not only in alchemy, but also in any creative practice.

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Brian Cotnoir is an artist and an independent researcher in alchemy. A contributor to Frater Albertus’ Parachemy, he is also the author of The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy (, Alchemical Meditations (, On the Quintessence of Wine (, a series of Alchemy Zines (, and the recently published Emerald Tablet (, his translations of and commentary on, the earliest Arabic and Latin versions of this seminal text. Currently at work on his next book, Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter, he occasionally gives talks based on his alchemical research. Khepri Press (, launched in 2014 with the publication of the Emerald Tablet, is the vehicle and portal for his alchemical work.