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Venus, Saturn, & Uranus : Community Astrology & Teaching


Join Fred Steinmann for another unique take on our current astrological weather! The ntention for this class is to talk about what he sees in the sky, teach a bit and discuss as a group how this can manifest in your life. 

The birth of Aphrodite/Venus came about through the castration of Uranus by his son Kronos/Saturn.  Out of the sea foam of the sky gods severed genitals Aphrodite was born.  Out of emotional turmoil comes the potential for infinite beauty and compassion.  You can't limit love.

Saturn is stationing retrograde on 27 degrees Sagittarius.  This Saturn station will occur at April 6th on the galactic center.  Also this will be occuring at the point of a Saturn Uranus conjunction that occurred in at an exact Saturn Uranus conjunction 1988.  Many people are coming into their Saturn return.  Saturn Uranus contacts are about becoming your own archetype and people with this transit it's happening rapidly and suddenly.  Venus will be going direct at 27 degrees Pisces making an exact square to this Saturn station.  Venus will go direct on Saturday April 15th.  

We will talk about an esoteric interpretation of this transit and how to apply it to our lives "from the inside out".  Here are the archetypes involved,  Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Venus retrograde in Aries to Pisces.  

Bring your charts or email your birth info to and a chart will be prepared for you.  

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