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IN HEAVEN: A Talk on Twin Peaks + S3E8 SCREENING!

Having trouble following the numerous plot threads, starkly reimagined characters, and bold imagery of the long-awaited Twin Peaks Season 3?

IN HEAVEN is a multimedia presentation on the meaning of "magic" in the works of David Lynch. It examines recurring themes, key moments, and personal comments spanning his oeuvre, to ask: what is Lynch actually telling us in his depictions of the liminal, the subjective—the "supernatural?"

Updated for its newfound relevance to "Twin Peaks: The Return," this talk zooms in on FIRE WALK WITH ME, Lynch's controversial prequel film portraying the last days of Laura Palmer. We explore how it introduces a new symbol-set that reunifies the series' stray threads; reclaims Twin Peaks as a definitively Lynchian narrative about the consequences of violence; and serves as a Rosetta Stone, both reframing existing imagery and establishing a distinct visual language that "The Return" is explicitly built upon.

If that's not enough, stay with us after the talk as Catland projects that night's brand-new episode as soon as it goes live for streaming at 9 PM!

Return to the Black Lodge on
Sunday, June 25, 7-10 PM.
$10 entry, online or door.
Complimentary refreshments.


STEFANO BLACK is a Brooklyn-based writer, presenter, filmmaker, and activist. He can be found on Twitter as @StefanoBlackest, sharing humor, criticism, and poems about the Void and Lisa Frank. He is available for freelance work and will buy literally all of your Magic: The Gathering cards. Time is gonna get you either way.