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Shades & Shadowmancy

If you think about it, at one point or another we all were afraid of our own shadow. It is the darkness that always follows us. It mimics us, but often in strange or distorted ways. It can stretch, grow or shrink; changing its form as the mood takes it. This fear of our other, dark self has existed since the dawn of humanity. Even now the concept still holds a strong fascination. Since the shadow is part of the soul of a person or thing, any magics that involved manipulating said shadows were considered unnatural and part of the necromantic arts. In this talk we will be discussing ‘Shadowmancy’ as one of the many aspects of Necromancy as a whole. We will touch upon its roots in ancient history and be gleaning examples of it, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to the PGM. Topics will also touch upon personal operations such as the ancient Rite of Helios, and other experiments involving Shadowmancy.

Mani Price is a NYC visionary artist. She paints ordinary women into exotic, self-empowered goddesses. Her work focuses on exploring women’s sexual empowerment, and the idea of the divine feminine. Through her strong, sensual ladies, she wants to show women their own strength and encourage them to love themselves. There is not enough self-love in the world. She has seen first hand how a woman’s self-image can be negatively influenced. Her women are not dainty little orchids to be looked at. They are Queens, Warriors, Heroines, and Femme Fatales. Rulers in their element.

Art and magick are Price's passions. She believes the act of artistic creation brings us more in tune with our intuition and higher self. A spell is just a way of sending the universe a message that we are ready to receive its gifts. In her classes, she teaches her students to create bodies of work to help manifest their desires utilizing art and magic. The human brain works strongest on a symbolic level. By controlling those symbols within their artwork, her students also learn to control the parts of their lives they represent.