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Mastering Palmistry : Level 1

Join seance leader and master palm reader Reverend Paul Beaudet for an intensive look at the practical applications of palmistry!

Rev. Paul Beaudet is a Master Palm Reader, having earned his title from studynig at the Spiritualist Association,  Lily Dale, NY.  He has worked the month-long psychic fair in Salem, MA, for the past three Octobers, and is active in reading for private clients in NYC.  He is an ordained minister in the Spiritualist Church and has his own community in Brooklyn.

The outline:

Session 1, Jul. 28:  Outer part:  Shape of the hands, fingers, and nails,  including unique characteristics of each. Differences between the left and the right hands.

Session 2, Aug. 4:  Inner part:  The fingers and their respective mounts; the other mounts (Venus, Luna, Mars); the major lines (life, head, heart, fate), and minor ones, including the Girdle of Venus, and the Bracelet of Racette. 

Emphasis will be placed on how these characteristics indicate our character, our potential for good health, financial resources, and our romantic relationship(s) with others.

Participants are asked to bring pencils and paper for the sessions.

$10 tuition per class