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Altar Making and Invocations

Expand your knowledge of making an altar with an interfaith approach, unique to the flavor preferred and individual.  Create, activate and experience a personal and group altar using crystals and other elements from the earth mixed with any personal items you would like to bring.  Learn the purpose and basics, how to incorporate the power and protection of an invocation.

*General elements to build alter are provided.  Please bring with you up to 5 personal effects for additional use, optional. 

*Alters are made for private or group use in order to anchor energy during ritual or ceremony, set up with sacred/special items that hold a specific meaning as relates to the types of energy intended to call in.  The energy received by alter also generates and builds with use, creating a holy or sanctified place to pray, meditate, do magic and medicine work or receive blessings and healing while sitting within the energy created through and with repetitive use.  It is generally a unique expression one specific to the user/s and culture or religion created. A few common examples of items used in alters are: candles, flowers, pictures, statutes, stones, food & drink, etc...

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