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Intro to Dream Interpretation

Our dreams are indulgent narratives, playing out our hopes and fears across wild, complex landscapes. The world of dreams is at once both fantastic and terrible, and allows us to scratch the surface of our bubbling subconscious. While some believe that our dreams go even deeper, allowing us to traverse the waters of prophecy, others view them as a bright palate of symbolism which, if unpacked, will grant us access to the most hidden parts of ourselves. 

Join us as we sip tea and travel through the feral geography of dreams. We will discuss lucid dreaming, what our dreams tell us, and how to integrate dreamwork into spiritual practice. By unpacking the psychology and mythos of dreaming, exploring archetypal symbolism, and employing psychological games and techniques, this class aims to unravel the mysteries of the dream world into tools for mystics and skeptics alike. 


Earlier Event: August 21
Solar Eclipse Ritual