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Plant Magic Intensive : Part 3

Join us for Catland's first plant magic intensive course! In these three classes, students will explore the practice and theory of plant magic from the garden, to the kitchen, to the apothecary. Each week can be taken as it's own class, or as part of a three-part course in plant magic mastery. This curriculum is ideal for students who want to grow their practical knowledge of plant magic and herbcraft, and lay a solid foundation for a practice in herbal witchcraft. 

Please join Catland's garden manager and house apothecary, Melissa Madara, for this exciting hands-on journey into practical herbalism & plant magic! 

Week 1, August 14th : Plant Allyship & the Home Apothecary
In this class, we will gather in the Catland garden to explore our relationship with the natural world. We will discuss our role in nature, where we fit into its web, and what our responsibilities are to its structures. We will explore what's growing in the garden, discuss how to qualify the magical purposes of plants, and discuss the basics of building an apothecary at home. Some topics included will be : 

- Plant ID, harvesting, and foraging basics
- Mapping plant qualities against the four cardinal elements, Ayurvedic systems, and basic plant folklore - Plant allyship and the role of nature-based witchcraft
- How to begin building the home apothecary and witch's garden

Week 2, August 21st : Practical Applications Workshop
In this hands-on workshop, students will get a chance to try their hand at some basic herbal preparations, such as herbal oils, tincturing, infusions and decoctions, salves, ointments, incense, potions, and more! This workshop will include a brief lecture, interactive demonstrations, and an opportunity to help craft unique recipes with the class.

Week 3, August 28th : Kitchen Witchcraft
In this class, we will discuss the basics of kitchen witchcraft, and how to develop a unique practice in this field. Combining aspects of herbalism, chaos magic, and folk witchcraft from her own practice, Melissa will discuss how to qualify home cooking ingredients for witchcraft, and how to put them all together in a spell recipe. Each student will collaborate on a spell cake that we will bake (and eat!) in class.

$15 per claass // $40 for three-part course

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