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Open Full Moon Ritual: The Cold Moon


The cold moon. The Snow moon. The oak moon. The long nights moon. Peach moon. Bitter moon. Little spirit moon. Big wind moon. Popping trees moon. Frosty moon.

Whatever her name may be to you, the December moon evokes who we are in our most shadowed and instinctual self. It is the keeper of potential energy- the unplanted seed, the gold hidden away in the mountain. It is silent but not inert, and is the keeper of stowed mysteries.

In this inter-traditional, beginner-friendly group ritual on the evening of the full moon and just a day after the Winter Solstice, we will gather under this powerful light and explore the mysteries of winter's coldest, darkest moon. This ritual will focus on group divination, trance, and the confrontation of hungry ghosts- both internal and external.

Please be advised that there will be smoke offerings, light feasting, light physical activity (sitting and standing), chanting, percussion, and meditation. Attendees should be comfortable in the presence of animal curios, as well as some moderate participation.

$15 // Light refreshments provided for our ritual feast.


Melissa Madara is a co-owner at Catland, a folk witch & an herbalist. Her work deals with the healing power of storytelling, divination, and mastery of the natural world. She is a teacher at Catland Books and numerous other metaphysical spaces in NYC, and has a background in Croatian, American folk, and Chaos Magic traditions.

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