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Dream Work for Greater Self-Love


From fantastical imagery to real people and places, dreams have a special significance in the human imagination, but still remain largely misunderstood. Dreams have inspired and influenced people throughout history, and for us today they can provide creative insights and revelations to the inner workings of our deepest selves. By discovering our own dreams, they can provide us with opportunities to grow and heal, finding a path towards greater love and understanding for ourselves and others.

While we will cover a brief introduction on the science, psychology, and history of dreams, the discussion will focus largely on the ways dreams can be beneficial to us, by offering different tips for starting your own dream journaling and techniques to help with remembering, interpreting and sharing dreams with others. We will also touch on the crucial importance of symbology, mythology, and culture for dream analysis and interpretation. 

We will conclude by leading a small demonstration on how setting up one's own dream group might work, and how beneficial group work can be for analyzing dream symbology and meaning. 

Time permitting, we may include a brief discussion on ways to pursue advanced dream work for those interested: areas such as lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, and communication within a dream state. 


Albert Garcia is currently completing an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University. He is a research assistant in a cross-cultural spirituality lab in the Spirit Mind Body Institute at Columbia, researching spiritual and metaphysical experiences and how they contribute to greater personal well being and mental health. Under the guidance of teachers such as Professor Paul Giurlanda in San Francisco and Dr. Mark Kuras at Columbia, he has been studying and practicing dream work, lucid dreaming, and dream interpretation since 2008. 

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